Chief Marketing Advisor

Strategic marketing consulting to launch new products, brands and companies; energize brands and stimulate growth; and build high performance teams.

You are looking for GROWTH.

Today’s tough market conditions make the challenge of launching new companies, marketing new products and re-energizing existing brand growth greater than ever. Customer fragmentation, channel proliferation and increasing complexity make breaking through and achieving success increasingly difficult. To effectively deal with this challenging landscape you need resources who can think on a strategic level, then translate that strategy to actual real-world marketing plans and programs. You could use...


I specialize in consulting with small to medium sized companies seeking to grow, serving in place of a full-time CMO to provide the strategic leadership and practical on-the-ground execution you need. All at a portion of the cost.

With extensive experience in building business across 12 different industries, ranging from consumer packaged goods to medical devices to technology to interactive entertainment and e-commerce, I can help you...

  • Launch your company and brand, and help you secure funding, investors or partners.
  • Develop and launch new products and brands into the market.
  • Re-position existing brands to stimulate further growth and sales.
  • Identify new or under-addressed market opportunities for your brands.
  • Build high performance marketing organizations, teams, infrastructure.
  • Create a high level communication strategy that generates traction for your company, helping you raise capital, secure partnerships, increase distribution and attract top-tier talent.

I can help you because I've done all these things, and more, across a dozen different business categories, in established organizations and start-ups. Find out more...

Contact me so we can discuss your goals, challenges and needs...and how I can help you address them as your Chief Marketing Advisor.