Consulting Services

Consulting Services Tailored to Fit YOU

You are unique. There is no one blanket solution to your needs or challenges. As your Chief Marketing Advisor, I tailor my consulting services to meet your specific goals, stage and ability to execute. With years of experience, I can quickly develop a highly effective strategic marketing plan for your company, provide input on an existing plan, and evaluate the impact of marketing programs over time.  Below is a sampling of the services I can provide.

Market analysis, research and strategic consulting to focus your business and strategies.

  • Identify your best market opportunities, audiences and customers
  • Secure  powerful customer insights to unlock and drive development of compelling marketing campaigns that impact your target’s behavior.
  • Establish a differentiating Brand Strategy, positioning and messaging for your brand, product, service and/or company 

Development of marketing strategy, plans and campaigns designed to raise awareness, capture customers and achieve your business objectives. 

  • Launch your company, new products and services from concept to go-to-market plans.
  • Establish your company in the eyes of key corporate and industry constituents to aid recruiting, partnership development and financial initiatives.
  • Add value to the overall enterprise.

Develop and execute marketing activities across a wide range of functions and channels

  • Brand definition, strategy and development.
  • Advertising and Communications strategies and plans.
  • Integrated Marketing Solutions and Campaign development from advertising to PR to social media.

Establish and scale marketing department, operations, processes and infrastructure to enhance performance.

  • Establish a  marketing organization structure designed to maximize performance for you company's needs.
  • Build department, recruit personnel and train them to drive brand and business growth; including hiring external resources and partners to fill in key gaps and needs of the organization.
  • Develop procedures, institute tools and processes and generally set your marketing operations so it becomes a well-oiled marketing machine.

Contact me so we can discuss your goals, challenges and needs...and how I can help you address them as your Chief Marketing Advisor.