Ted Simon - Just a Marketing Minute

A Blog by Any Other Name...is Posterous

"Replace the subject line and body with your first blog post and hit send! Include pictures, an mp3, or anything else you want to share. It's just that simple."

Simplicity.  That's how Posterous is planning to make it's way into the hearts, minds and souls of newbies, casual bloggers and social media pros alike.  Just send an email (like this one). 

While I just discovered Posterous myself, it's been around since July 2008 and they've been adding features to the service steadily.  The creators have tried to make Posterous an app that anyone might use by including a range of tools for all levels of experience.  It's super easy to set up and get started, so those who are a little on the technophobic side can dive right in.  Casual bloggers might opt to use this service as an alternative to a Blogger or Typepad, or even as an alternative to Twitter (it's sort of an "in between" service).  And, for those with an existing network, Posterous can serve as a "feed mechanism" that will allow you to post to multiple social media platforms. 

It's easy to add media (pictures, video, music) to your Posterous site.  Plus, you can send an email from your iPhone and...ta daaa...you've just updated your Posterous blog (and any other you may have selected for "autoposting"). 

I've not yet researched all the features and benefits of Posterous, but if adding content is as easy as sending an email (and if you can easily feed this content out to your other social media networks), they could be on to something here. 

Business model?  Revenue?  Time will tell...it's free for now (seems we've gotten pretty used to that by now).  But, as a user, I'm not concerned about how they make money...I just want a satisfying user experience that allows me to do what I want to do, when I want to do it...and enables me to do it easily.

There are some downsides I can see already -- e.g., all Posterous sites have the same theme and layout.  That can get old and the creative and functional limitaions might be a turn off for a range of potential users (I suspect this might be one of the "premium features" that the company ends up charging to use).  But the company has added features since its launch, so I'd imagine that they will continue to fill in perceived gaps over time.

So, will Posterous really catch fire?  Hard to say.  But, I've been procrastinating on getting my own blog up and runningn for some time.  Now, I can finally say I'm procrastinating no more...I have a Posterous account and a blog up and running (not to mention my first "review"...if you can call this short observation such).  And, all it took was for me to write this email. 

More to come as I learn more about this service.  In the meantime, let me know what you think.