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Top 5 Reasons...Why Microsoft Created Windows 7 "HostingYourParty" Video

Everything must have a reason. Some times those reasons are very good; some times they are not; some times they make sense; some times they are silly.

I'm starting a new feature on my blog: Top 5 Reasons. This is where I get to share what I think may be the reason behind many of the things we see going on in the business and marketing world today.

Granted, my "reasons" are my own and may not even be close to accurate...but I have fun speculating, and I invite all of you to join me in guessing what the minds behind the events and happenings were really thinking.

So, without further adieu, here is my initial installment.

Top 5 Reasons Why Microsoft Created “Hosting Your Party” Video
5. PR team had extra time on their hands and had to fill out time cards with something and viral videos will look good on their performance review and resumes.

4. Marketing Manager for Windows 7 got new video camera for birthday and wanted to put it to use.

3. Microsoft Training department left copy intended for Windows 7 "home party hosts" on YouTube...by accident

2. Microsoft actually thought that no one would notice their new operating system so they thought creating a really bad video would bring attention to the product.

1. Company wanted to distract everyone from the pounding they’ve been getting over their Windows 7 upgrading policies and process

Now, it's your turn...what are YOUR top reasons?  Pile on below!

P.S.  For a more business-like perspective on this effort, see my observations and comments in this post.